Healing from the Heart- meditating on love

with Resident Teacher Kelsang Osung

Saturday 20 January | 10-4pm

At Vajrayana Kadampa Buddhist Centre, 5 Bentinck Street, Kelvingrove, G3 7SB

Join us for a day retreat of guided meditations on love. There are three kinds of love: affectionate love, cherishing love, and wishing love. We can understand these by considering the following example. If a mother is reunited with one of her children after a long separation, she is very happy and feels great affection for her. This special feeling of affection is affectionate love.

Out of affection, the mother considers her child to be very precious and wants to take special care of her. This special feeling of caring is cherishing love. Because she has affectionate love and cherishing love for her child, if she sees that she is unhappy she immediately wishes to restore her happiness. This wish for others to be happy and to help them to achieve happiness is wishing love.

First we need to generate affectionate love and then cherishing love for other living beings. Then, if we meditate on their lack of happiness, we will naturally develop wishing love.

Meditating on these three types of love serves to fulfil the wishes of both ourselves and others and gives rise to a deep sense of peace that cannot be destroyed by difficult conditions.

About the Teacher 

Kelsang Osung is the Resident Teacher of Vajrayana Kadampa Buddhist Centre and has been studying under the guidance of Geshe Kelsang Gyatso for over twenty years. She is known for her kindness, warmth, and sincere yet joyful approach.

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